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One of the best fitness apps on Android, the 30-day Fit Challenge has been developed by a leading fitness coach, and has won several top awards including (but not limited to) the Best Self-Improvement App (2016).

A rare app that has actually been scientifically proven in its effectiveness, 30 Day Fit Challenge mainly specializes in at-home workouts and offers a trio of 30-day challenges namely a full body challenge, an abs-workout challenge (to help get those washboard abs), and a butt challenge (to build a better-looking booty). Every one of this “trio” itself consists of three difficulty levels namely, beginner, intermediate and pro.

The app is totally fit in the features department as well. Besides recording your progress and tracking the amount of calories you burn, the 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout features in-depth video guides that help you execute your exercises with the best-possible precision so that you can progress faster and avoid injuries. It also syncs seamlessly with Google Fit.

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30-day fit challenge workout
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