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Welcome to AppyHapps.com! A place to review your favorite mobile apps for any platform all in one fantastic location. We at AppyHapps just simply love apps! We love to experience them, talk about them, share ideas for new apps etc; and now we are doing what we know best: creating a community anyone can be a part of, where we can all contribute to helping people make better choices when downloading apps for their devices. Our goal is to help the beginning novice to get through the tough haze of all this new technology and gain a clear view of how to accomplish their goals using their favorite devices. We proudly invite you to browse through our app reviews or to leave a review of your own to help grow the community or maybe even to help promote a new app that you think deserves attention.

Mobile Apps Are Not Just For Your Phone Anymore

Mobile apps used to be just for your phone but these days apps can be found anywhere from your TV to your Refrigerator; they are infiltrating all aspects of our world as technology creeps ever closer into our organic existence. The usefulness and vast amount of resources and actions available through apps along with the unifying and stable operating systems that host and connect these little bits of software together comprise what has become a clear way forward for developers, engineers, creatives and all the like who have great ideas and want to get them out to the public quickly for many different reasons. We at AppyHapps solute the ever growing domain of mobile applications wholeheartedly and applaud the ever farther reaching imaginations of today’s most incredible achievements.

Incredible Technology At An Incredible Pace

At your fingertips now exists a vast amount of information and computational abilities that have never been so concentrated or so available to the public before. Futurists for the past few decades have predicted amazing leaps in technology and many saw into the present and promoted the idea that technology will move into the hands of the people. Mobile phones and their incredibly increasing abilities coupled with a skyrocketing developer industry and constantly changing application technology developments make for one of the most exciting industries to watch and experience in our present time.


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    Guessing by the kind of popularity this app is gaining, Telegram may soon become WhatsApp’s equal (or at least, the next best thing). The app is high-speed, which is a feature it really prides on. Armed with security encryption and a Snapchat-like auto-destroy messages feature, Telegram definitely poses as a safer choice to most.

    That being said, Telegram lacks some of the added features like audio clip messaging and stickers. It is, however, compensated by the 1GB capacity file transfer ability. The interface too, though simple and minimalistic, is quite tasteful and contemporary.

    Who owns it? Russian social network giant VK owns Telegram

    Users: The app has reportedly received over 5 million signups during the recent WhatsApp downtime


    The most popular app for video-conferencing via desktop and mobile also has an instant messaging feature that can be used as a replacement to Whatsapp. It is only an unfortunate coincidence that the app, which is easily available on all platforms has a lower preference rate when it comes to text messaging.

    The app has a lot of features, complete with stickers, emojis and GIFs. What really brings the app down, however, is its association with paid calls for a service that is increasing becoming more and more free. And while it has the largest database, people are generally apprehensive of sharing their personal contact info (such as emails and usernames), as compared to apps which use mobile numbers.

    Who owns it? After having changed ownership several times, Skype is now owned by Microsoft.

    Users: As of 2010, Skype has 663 million registered users, with 280 million monthly active users.

  • LINE

    One of the few messaging services that actually gained popularity in Asia, LINE was a household name in Asia when it was introduced in Europe. Not only is this messenger app one of the more efficient one, it is also one of the better-looking (and lesser-congested) ones as well. The app has a seemingly never-ending list of features (which keep increasing with every update). Features include audio calls, app-exclusive games, blog services, stickers, and companion apps, among others. While the heavy emphasis on manga and cute cartoons may be discouraging for some sections of the European audience, the app in general has favorable customer reviews from all over the globe. The app’s third-party IP feature also makes it an ideal messaging platform looking to escape parental supervision.

    Who owns it? LINE is owned by Naver, a South Korean search giant

    Users: Over 300 million monthly active user


    Launched four months after Whatsapp (December 2010, to be precise), Viber is one the best option if you aim to switch to a messaging platform with a large user base – chances of your existing contacts being on this platform already are very high! This app has every feature that Whatsapp, with the added feature of being able to use your cellular data to make audio calls to anyone in your contact list. Along with cool features like group chatting and cool stickers, the app also has a feature that allows you to seamlessly move from a text conversation to a phone call on the same screen, which can really come in handy with friends and acquaintances living out of the country.

    Who owns it? Viber is owned by Rakuten, the Japanese e-commerce giant.

    Users: Over 100 million monthly active users

  • Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

    Ideal for: Those who want all-things-movies in one place.
    Packed to the brim with features, Flixster is a simplistic app, which allows users to do many things on a single platform – from getting showtimes for their favorite theaters, ordering tickets via Fandango, connecting to social networks to share reviews and ratings, to even getting the Rotten Tomatoes scores (and that too, without having to leave the app). This simple and smart app is a must-have for any movie-buff.

    Price: FREE

  • 30-day fit challenge workout

    One of the best fitness apps on Android, the 30-day Fit Challenge has been developed by a leading fitness coach, and has won several top awards including (but not limited to) the Best Self-Improvement App (2016).

    A rare app that has actually been scientifically proven in its effectiveness, 30 Day Fit Challenge mainly specializes in at-home workouts and offers a trio of 30-day challenges namely a full body challenge, an abs-workout challenge (to help get those washboard abs), and a butt challenge (to build a better-looking booty). Every one of this “trio” itself consists of three difficulty levels namely, beginner, intermediate and pro.

    The app is totally fit in the features department as well. Besides recording your progress and tracking the amount of calories you burn, the 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout features in-depth video guides that help you execute your exercises with the best-possible precision so that you can progress faster and avoid injuries. It also syncs seamlessly with Google Fit.

  • 7 minute workout

    One of the best Android apps for beginners, 7 Minute Workout employs the HICT (High Intensity Circular Workout method to help you achieve the level of fitness you desire. The app is a winner of several accolades such as Top Trending App, Best of 2016 App, as well as the Best Self-Improvement App (2016), is helmed as the #1 app in over nineteen countries, and is among the top five in 57 others.

    The app consists of high-intensity routines containing a set of 12 exercises that are specifically designed to strengthening your core muscles. You must do each of these for 30 seconds, and give a 10-second break between each one. The 7-Minute Workout is no slouch in the fitness department either, packing in features such as Google Fit support, voice guidance, tutorial videos, abs-workout specifically for women, motivating and encouraging notifications, the ability to see your performance in the workout logs, and the ability to adjust rest time and circuit time.

    What really makes the app fabulous is the fact that it consists of a number of short bursts of exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime, using nothing more than a wall and a chair. What’s more, you can workout along with your colleagues and add to the fun.

  • Fitness & bodybuilding

    A simple app filled with pro-health features, Fitness & Bodybuilding stays true to its (matter-of-fact) name and serves as a fantastic app for those who wish to design their own workout plan. The app comes with a comprehensive exercise database that includes every muscle in your body that you can exercise, along with an in-depth description and a video tutorial. Additionally, it also features top lists which contain the best exercises for every muscle group. In the event that you’re a novice when it comes to designing your own workout routine, the app has readymade fitness, bodybuilding, and powerlifting plans that you can easily choose from and use as your very own free, portable personal trainer.

    Just like its contemporaries, Fitness & Bodybuilding has no dearth of top-line features, including (but not limited to) the ability to track and review your progress and performance via interactive graphs, to keep records of your workout history, choose your own measurement units, alter your training program the exercises get added via updates, and use the app’s built-in timer and calendar to increase your precision keep track of your workout routine.

  • Sworkit personalized workouts

    The king of workout personalization apps, Sworkit has over 20 million users all over the world and has been rated #1 by an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) study that ranks fitness apps on the basis of parameters such as safety, stretching, and progression, among others. The app features a large library of goal-oriented video workouts ranging from five minutes to over an hour (or more), which you can easily use to advantage depending upon the body part you’re targeting. It also offers a large collection of rehabilitative exercises that are used for injury and surgery recovery.

    As mentioned earlier, this app is indeed all about personalization, which implies that it allows you design your own workout programs or modify existing ones, as per your requirement. The exercises are simple, yet effective and generally do not need any extra equipment or gyms. Sworkit also has a Coach-Created Training feature which can be used by sports and personal trainers, physical therapists, PE teachers, and other fitness professionals.

    Although the basic version of Sworkit should be enough to keep you fit, you can gain even more from the app by subscribing to the premium version, which has advanced features like guided workout routines and custom exercise intervals, exclusive workout videos, unlimited custom workouts, no ads and a special “Ask-a-Trainer” feature to get professional help.

  • Fitnotes – gym workout log

    While FitNotes actually specializes in in-depth workout recording, logging, and tracking, it also has features that help with exercise and workout routines. Armed with a simple design and a streamlined interface, FitNotes lets you keep a record of your workouts and helps create workout routines with ease. Furthermore, it has features such as exercise-oriented workout history, a rest timer enabled with vibration and sound options, a rich-in-information calendar, an in-depth exercise database consisting of starter packs for every major muscle group, and the ability to make and name your own routines.

  • Nike+ training club

    Coming from Nike’s best athletes and elite trainers, the Nike+ Training Club includes a very wide variety of fitness goals and offers hundreds of workouts covering various intensity and fitness levels. Focused solely on crucial issues such as mobility, endurance, and strength, the workout videos are presented by sports icons like Skyler Diggins, Serena Williams, Ellie Goulding, Ashton Eaton, and Kevin Hart (yeah, we’re a little confused about that one too). The app is filled with smart features such as the ability to record all of your fitness activities, customize how much visual guidance you receive in every workout, connect with other Nike+ users to form a community.

  • Google fit – fitness tracking

    With Google having its presence in almost EVERY sphere of our lives, it comes as no surprise that it has an Android fitness app as well. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking contains everything a great fitness app should, right down to the ability to track your activities and real-time stats on route, speed, elevation, and pace. The app is swamped with super-useful features such as the ability to set time-based goals, track steps, distance, and calories burned, receive personalized recommendations and even get personalized coaching, among others.

    What really makes the app special, however, the fact that it can seamlessly sync with fitness apps and fitness trackers, which in turn helps you collect better and more accurate information on sleep, nutrition, and weight, among other things.

  • JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log

    An app that is known for its excessive simplicity, yet efficient performance, JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log is packed with options and features that aim to take the extra time and stress out of fitness workouts. A multifaceted app, JEFIT acts as a free and portable personal trainer that helps record and log your fitness activities in one place. It allows you to set timed goals and design customized workout routines to achieve them. Not only does it feature 1300 exercises accompanied by in-depth descriptions and tutorials which you can pick and choose for your routine, it also has encouragement, feedback, and vital tips to boot. Last but not the least, JEFIT features advanced personalized records which you can use to track and analyze your progress, identify the areas that need change and keep yourself motivated.

  • Radiooooo

    Ideal for: Any hardcore old music lover who is looking for an app that offers it.

    In this age of multi-featured, multitasking apps, Radiooooo is an excessively simple app that serves only a singular function – allowing you to travel back in time into any country and listen to their (then) popular music. Featuring a minimal and simple, yet cool design, the app is very easy-to-use and allows you to pick your desired decade and country with ease. It also has a special “taxi” feature which allows you to listen to music of a certain time era of many countries all at once.

    Price: FREE

  • Yokee

    Helmed as the #1 app for iPhones, Yokee, which was recently redesigned for iOS 10, allows you and your friends to sing karaoke at no cost whatsoever. The fantastic app, which has more than 65 Million users, has several interesting features such as a large music video catalog, the option to record your own version of various songs, share your work on social media, and interact with other friends and vote for their performances via the app.

  • Triller

    One of the best apps to make a fabulous video for yourself, Triller lets you create a variety of professional-quality media, from music videos and films to group videos and much more. The app is already a celeb favorite, with big names like Rita Ora, Selena Gomez, Kevin Hart and Justin Bieber having made videos with them. All you need to do is shoot some takes, tap the Triller button, and the app will swiftly edit all the raw clips into a fantastic, high-quality, flauntworthy video.

    Triller comes with a wide variety of features, from it’s USP (the auto-editing algorithm) to its huge filter collection, extensive song collection, personalization options, and the ability to collaborate with friends and share on social media.

  • Sing! Karaoke

    A very decent app, with a great collection of songs and fabulous sound effects, Sing! Karaoke is an ideal app for those stepping into the world of karaoke.

  • Whosampled

    Ideal for: Anyone who wants to know more about their own music collection.

    A rather rare yet interesting app, WhoSampled allows you to find out more information on music collection that you probably hadn’t known before. The app provides a variety of information and trivia such as the place where the song was sampled, the bands that have covered the song and/or the artist, and any remixes which were made, among others. Easy-to-use and efficient in finding never-seen-before information, WhoSampled is a great app for anyone who wants to know more about their music.

    Price: $3.99

  • Qello concerts

    Ideal for: Anyone who wants to see live concerts from the comfort of their device screens

    Are you a major classics fan and love iconic bands such as Pink Floyd, Queen, Queens of the Stone Age, Linkin’ Park, and Nirvana, but never got the chance to go to one of their concerts? Fortunately for you, there is now an app to help you with that. Qello Concerts lets you stream live concerts on the screen of your device, complete with sound effects and visuals. The app also features additional videos, such as commemorative programs and documentaries on the artist and has an easy-to-use streamlined interface which allows for easy search.

    Price: FREE

  • Songkick concerts

    Ideal for: Dedicated concert-goers

    If you’re a dedicated concert-goer, this app is for you. Songkick Concerts is simple and easy-to-use, and offers premium level features such as the ability to look for your favorite artists and bands, giving you recommendations on the basis of your preferences, showing you the band’s full schedule to allow you to pick your favorites, letting you buy tickets directly via the app, and even viewing venue details and comparing ticket prices.Truly the best way to stay up-to-date on your favorite artists’ shows.

    Price: FREE

  • Bandsintown concerts

    Ideal for: Hardcore live concert lovers

    A fine app for knowing all about live concerts, Bandsintown lets its users track their favorite artists, receive notifications when they are touring in your vicinity, keep a record of any shows that you have RSVP’d to and shares the details of all this with your family and friends. One of the best free apps out there, Bandintown automatically syncs your RSVPs with your calendar, scans your music libraries in services such as Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play and Rdio, among others, makes search of any artists that you like on social media platforms, and helps you track your favorite artists, among many others.

    Price: FREE

  • Behind the song

    Ideal for: Anyone who wants to know more about the song they listen to.

    A simple and easy-to-use app, Behind the Song lets you know more about your favorite song. Get a song’s annotated lyrics, facts, trivia and much more by simply holding your phone to the music and tapping the Gracenote-powered soundwave button. Price: FREE

    Price: FREE

  • Shazam encore

    Matter-of-fact and extremely functional, Shazam Encore identifies the hip song you’re listening to. All you need to do is tap the Shazam button when you hear the song, and the app will identify the song for you in no time. You can also do other things on the app, such as discovering new tunes, purchasing songs, exploring charts and checking out music news.

    Price: $6.99

  • Soundhound

    A free service that identifies music, SoundHound can both expertly find that song that’s playing right now, and help you in finding and discovering new songs.

    Price: FREE

  • Vevo

    A simple, streamlined app Vevo lets it users watch music videos on-demand. Not only does the app feature trending and popular songs, and lets your search for favorite songs and artists, it also features older videos of any given artists. If all you want is non-stop entertainment watching music videos, Vevo is your app.

    Price: FREE

  • Public radio player

    With Public Radio Player, you can make sure that you can listen to any and all programming from anywhere in the country, regardless of your location. The app features all popular and super-popular shows such as A Prairie Home Companion, Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me, and Car Talk, among others, along with world news and more news coverage than you can possibly listen to.

  • Siriusxm radio

    If you’re a Satellite Radio aficionado, this app is for you. A fantastic app, SiriusXM Radio offer a wide range of programming, from commercial-free music to other items such as talk shows, sports, and news, among others. The app is neat, simple-to-use, and stylish, yet doesn’t compromise on quality. The app’s only downside is that it does not feature on-demand music, has a mainly music-focused AppGuide and yet is extremely expensive.

  • Iheartradio

    One of the best radio apps, iHeartRadio features some of the best radio stations in both the US and beyond. While the app has several attractive features (such as the ability to make customized lists of radio stations on the basis of a particular artist or song), the best thing about it is the fact that it can let you find and listen-in to your hometown’s favorite radio station, even if you’re staying across the country.

    To know more about the app, read our full review here.

  • Boom

    Ideal for: Anyone looking for a music player that gives surround sound, quality music.

    A simple and easy-to-use app with super quality sound, astonishing clarity, and top-line features, Boom has all the things a music aficionado is looking for. The app gives a fantastic 3-D sound experience (both with and without headphones) and has an Equalizer with multitudes of sound effect options; all you need to do is switch on the effects and feel the difference!

    Price: FREE

  • G Suite

    Formerly called Google Apps for Work, G-Suite is Google Apps’ (Sheets, Docs, etc.) professional counterpart. Aiming to give you the entire Google apps experience, the app, with its enhanced features and tighter security settings, tends to fully take on the Microsoft Office Suite. As expected, G-Suite has endless options to collaborate with other Google apps (such as Google Sheets. Google Apps and Google Drive) and uses Google Hangouts as its messaging platform. The best thing about G-Suite is that it has an interface and technology that is very similar to other Google products, which makes it easier for employees to train (given the fact that most people are familiar with the interface of other Google apps).

    Price: G-Suite is priced at a starting rate of $5 per user per month.

  • Zoho Docs

    A central repository for documents, Zoho Docs gives you access to share and store your files, in addition to accessing, editing and uploading them regardless of your location. The app supports all sorts of formats, from Zip to PDF, and can easily import and upload straightaway from Google Docs. It can be easily integrated with websites such as YouTube and functions well between Google Docs and Microsoft Word. All-in-all, the perfect app for all your file-sharing needs.

    Price: Zoho Docs is priced at a starting rate of $3 per month.

  • Zoho Inventory

    Ideal for busy retailers who seek a central platform for each sales channel along with automatic updates on their inventories, the Zoho Inventory falls in line with all of its other products such as Zoho Books and Zoho CRM, among others. Armed with features such as successful delivery-notifications, tracking shipments using ‘latest-transit status-updates,’ and automated processes, among others, Zoho truly takes the stress factor away from the hassles of shipping instructions and creating sales orders.

    Price: Zoho Inventory’s pricing starts at $29.00 per month, and includes a free trial.

  • TradeGecko

    A rare app that has some very useful features besides the standard inventory tracking ones, TradeGecko is ideal for those trying to expand their businesses internationally and increasing their B2B ventures. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, the app has a multi-currency option which gives retailers the chance to makes sales in various foreign currencies. Additionally, it also has ‘Tax Types’ features, which allow you to set different taxes for different countries, states, and cities, and a B2B eCommerce platform which provides many options such as the ability to create separate URLs for stores, send customers bulk invitations, and custom pricing, among others. All-in-all, if you dearly need inventory management but custom develop or outsource it, TradeGecko is the ideal app for you.

    Price: TradeGecko’s pricing starts at $99.00 per month, and includes a free trial.

  • Stitch Labs

    Ideal for the busiest of retailers, Stitch Labs connects POS, accounting, shipping and inventory management into one interface, thereby acting as operations command center’ of sorts. Not only does the app, with its top-of-the-line features help manage your inventory and save your vital time, it also gives exclusive sales forecasting and reports that give you a summary of your business’s trends, which in turn will help you predict, plan and prepare yourself accordingly.

    Price: Stitch Labs is priced at a starting price of $99.00 per month, and includes a free trial.

  • Orderhive

    One of the leading inventory management solutions, Orderhive is renowned for its one-of-a-kind ability to manage your inventories that are present across multiple sales channels. It can easily integrate sales channels like Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify and add shipping providers such as UPS and FedEx, thereby allowing you to be able to manage your orders and carry out the rest of the process of shipping through a single app. Furthermore, it can automatically adjust your various channels’ stock levels and notify you when you reach low stock and zero stock levels. Ideal for those whose inventories and affairs are scattered across multiple platforms.

    Price: Orderhive’s pricing starts at $49.99 per month, and includes a free trial.

  • Finale Inventory

    If you’re one of those sellers who is running an both an offline and an eCommerce store, this app is just the thing for you. Armed with a multi-location functionality, Finale Inventory makes it simple to sync as well as centralize your in-store and online orders by converging your inventory in almost real-time. The app’s useful and high-end features offer the ability to manage the inventory both to and from various locations, to customize product lists and sales orders, and to keep your business from overstocking and overselling. What more can a busy bee retailer with a bunch preexisting reports ask for?

    Price: Finale Inventory’s pricing starts at $149.00 per month, and includes a free trial.

  • Wrike

    One of the best project management apps, Wrike, with its reasonable pricing and easy customizability, is ideal for small project management teams. The app packs in multiple useful features such as the ability to integrate with GitHub and JIRA, to share and edit files, create as well as assign various tasks as well as subtasks, sync with email, receive progress reports, and automate tasks, among others. You can customize the solutions according to your team’s specific requirements. Wrike works with all sorts of teams, from creative and project management to marketing.


    Wrike comes in two versions: the free version offers task management for up to five users, activity streams, file sharing, cloud storage integration as well as Android and iOS app access along with 2GB. To enable more users, and avail more features, you can upgrade at $9.80 per month.

  • Paymo

    Paymo is an app that is ideal for small businesses which need an integrated app that includes project accounting and time tracking. It packs in a wide range of features (from collaboration, time-tracking, timesheets, and file-sharing, to project planning and task management), yet is flexible enough to let you use only those features that you really need. on the forefront. The app is armed with an easy-on-the-eyes interface that shows a summary of all your projects in an inbox format – complete with timesheets, milestones and outstanding tasks. It also includes an easy-to-use sidebar and a variety of views (Gantt charts, task lists, Kanban boards, among others) which allow you to see the parts of the project that you need to complete.


    Paymo is priced at $8.95 per month per user, along with a 15-day free trial. You can get accounting features at an extra fee of $9.95 per month per company, and Gantt Chart features at $19.95 per month.

  • Trello

    Well-known for its easy-to-use features, simple interface, and attractive pricing, Trello is indeed one of the best task and project management apps out there. It has a fantastic board system which allows you to create separate boards for various teams and projects, and you can drag-and-drop the task card along the board as you complete each task. The customizable interface helps you recognize various boards by changing the colors or adding a background picture. Additionally, you can include separate due dates, members, checklists, attachments, and labels, for better organization.


    Trello indeed has one of the best pricing out there. It has a free version for unlimited team members, lists, boards, checklists, attachments and cards, and can attach files of up to 10MB in weight. To get more features, you can use the paid version that comes at $9.99 per month per user.

  • Asana

    Simple, yet very powerful, Asana is a fantastic project management app that is known for its ultra-modern and easy-to-use interface, affordable price, and the ability to scale. It is armed with a good collection of usable features such as the ability to organize your tasks into projects, give numerous workspaces and assign tasks, a corresponding website, and an activity feed that will help you see your projects’ developments. You can use the sidebar to view all of your team’s conversations, projects, and calendars, or can also use the dashboard to the task list views to get an overview of available projects and tasks.


    Asana comes in two versions: The free version, which includes unlimited projects, conversations, tasks, a basic search option and dashboards, and can accommodate up to 15 members. When your team increases in number, you can subscribe to the paid version which can add more features and members and costs $8.33 per month per user.

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